Sometimes you have to go into work with a mohawk

So, I have graduated and started a professional journalism career in Harrisburg, Pa.

I am totally working for the man.

I wear shirts and ties and work in a cubicle. I have a lap top and a voice mail – 717 705 8407 – and *responsibility.

It occurred to me that I can’t entirely give into conformity – all the time. Not yet.

So on Monday night, while cutting my hair – I have cut my own hair for years and occasionally have made money cutting hair for others – I decided I couldn’t go for the straight buzz, though that too was once a shot at doing something a little bit nearer to my persona than trends.

I left a baby mohawk for Tuesday.

I got a few good looks, though no havoc was had while I sat in the House Judiciary Committee.

My production wasn’t hurt, as I staked out state legislative leadership and got a nice clip on ongoing budget negotiations – with the June 30 deadline looming.

The unsightly cut even got me a rub down from House Majority Floor Leader Bill DeWeese, D-Fayette, and a handshake from reporter-shy Todd Eachus, D-Luzerne.

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