Capitol Wire: Bill: bullet-proof vests would be required for security companies

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HARRISBURG – Bullet-proof vests would need to be company-issued for private security guards who carry firearms, according to a bill that was reported out of the House Judiciary committee Tuesday.

House Bill 2119, introduced by John P. Sabatina Jr., D-Philadelphia, would require private security companies to purchase bullet-proof vests for employees with firearms.

In October 2007, two guards from security giant Loomis were killed and another injured in a neighborhood in Sabatina’s Northeast Philadelphia district.

“I believe bullet-proof vests would have saved their lives,” Sabatina said. Those given vests would not be required by the bill to wear them.

Minority Chairman Ronald S. Marsico, R-Dauphin, suggested the economic burden the legislation would put on smaller security firms is undue, considering police departments in Pennsylvania aren’t bound by similar mandates.

“Just wait,” Sabatina said. “That could be next.”

After the bill initially failed 14-15, Kathy M. Manderino, D-Philadelphia, called for reconsideration and switched her vote to an affirmative so the measure could be reported out of committee and developed on the House floor.

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3 thoughts on “Capitol Wire: Bill: bullet-proof vests would be required for security companies”

  1. Vests for armed security officers ( some could argue also for unarmed personnel in high risk situations ) is logical if post orders require weaponry we can then assume there a heightened expectation of danger.

    As an urban and event security consultant with lots of front line experience, I think it’s a shame the state government has to do something one would hope the companies themselves would.

    Cash-in-transit services, bank and other high volume/high asset businesses merit affording security personnel the maximum protection possible.

    Remember, when critical incidents happen, armed security officers ARE the first responders and this legislation gives them more chance to survive these incidents.


  2. Its only right. Bulletproof jackets save lives. Bulletproof jackets are not only being manufactured to protect the lives of police officers, military personnel and government agents, but are now being manufactured to go mainstream. People are purchasing bulletproof jackets to protect themselves, and some parents are even buying them for their kids. We do not think that safety should involve wearing a bulletproof jacket or other types of body armor all the time nor should it be mandatory for children to wear one in school or our loved ones at the workplace. However, we do believe that civilians, not just police, have the right to protect themselves or their loved ones, friends, family with a bulletproof jacket that is effective against a deadly assault.

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