Statewide smoking ban passes conference committee

I covered a Pennsylvania House-Senate conference committee hearing on a statewide smoking ban this morning for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

HARRISBURG — A House-Senate conference committee today approved a statewide smoking ban, but a member of the panel blasted the agreement, saying it amounted to telling Allegheny County to “go to hell.”

The agreement must be approved by the full House and Senate. It carves out a partial exemption for casinos and some bars.”

Read the rest on Pittsburgh Live.

It marks a laborious, 10-month joint effort to find compromise between a state Senate and more restrictive state House bill. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Montgomery, made note of the long process.

This has probably been the longest [conference committee] in the history of the commonwealth.”

Hear Greenleaf speak on a statewide ban last month.

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