The April 22 Pennsylvania primary in Philadelphia

Oh, today is the much hyped Pennsylvania primary.

If you’re registered in Philadelphia and need to know where you’re voting, using the Committee of Seventy’s Citizen Access Center. Oh, and if you’re an Independent or Republican and feeling bummed out ’cause everyone is talking Obama/Hillary, fear not, in Philadelphia, there are also two ballot questions that mean a whole lot to some people. Want a real explanation of what to do?

See that from the Committee of Seventy and their endorsements.

Today, I’m helping oversee Philadelphia’s polling locations with a team of more than 800 volunteers collected by the Committee of Seventy. I am looking at an entire database of complaints around the region and will share the best of them from the day.

Here are a couple. In at 7:35 a.m. from a Chester County man.

I am a Republican. Should I bother to vote?

In this region, that is a real question, particularly when even the suburbs are going blue. But, in Philadelphia, for one, there are ballot questions that everyone can vote on. So get out there.

A second: What’s the least comforting reason for your polling place to be moved? Because it’s a crime scene.

But, that’s what’s allegedly happening in North Philadelphia, for the 25th Ward, 14th division. A troubling reminder of life for some on the 1800-block of West Somerset, near Lehigh and Glenwood Avenues.

But, I’m leading volunteers through the (mostly) peaceful confines of the central Northeast, so I’m not doing much this early on. -Although I have gotten several complaints about the lack of handicapped access at the Pollock Elementary School on Welsh above Holme Circle.

Anyway, so I’m reading up on Pretty sweet story about a 103-year-old black woman who has been voting since 1924. (do the math yourself). Check it out here. Kuods to Elmer Smith.

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