Mike Schmidt launches wine for charity… seriously

What fun to cover. This a brief for the Philadelphia Business Journal today.theslugger.jpg

Mike Schmidt, the Hall of Fame former Phillies third baseman, has taken to wine-making for charity. Along with two other members of the 500 Home Run Club, former Chicago Cubs shortstop Ernie Banks and standout switch hitter Eddie Murray, Schmidt has teamed with Eos Estate Winery in California to produce three wines, each using one of the major leaguers’ names and career home run totals. All of the proceeds will go to a philanthropic cause of the athlete’s choosing. Schmidt has decided his profits will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, based in Maryland. There is the Mike Schmidt 548 Zinfandel, the Ernie Banks 512 Chardonnay, and the Eddie Murray 504 Cabernet. They can be preordered now, though they won’t be available in stores until May. A bottle is expected to cost $17.”

We’ll have a carafe of the Mike Schmidt 548 Zinfandel, maybe something in a 2009.

But, I couldn’t possibly top the press release I received.I happily shared with just about everyone one quotation I read while filing the story. It came from Liz Banks, wife of Ernie Banks and president of the 500 Home Run Club.

With 548 home runs, Mike Schmidt was such a quality ballplayer that for him to launch a quality wine for charity seemed a natural fit.”

Natural fit, indeed.

7 thoughts on “Mike Schmidt launches wine for charity… seriously”

  1. Not only do you get to support a great charity you get to have a piece of one of the greatest Phillies player ever and one of the best third baseman ever in the MLB. I will definitely buy plenty for my family, I figure the enjoyment I received from watching Mr. Michael Jack Schmidt I owe more than just some bottles of wine, I owe my undying patronage. GO PHILLIES. 1ST PLACE IN THE EAST!

  2. I just purchased the wine from the State Store in Pennsylvania based on recommendation of the store staff.

    I hope it tastes okay. It’s for the hostess of a luncheon I’m attending this weekend and she likes reds.

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