Chris Wink: Philadelphia Philosopher?


Perhaps not.

But, I uncovered some work I did for an Existentialism class, taught by the thoroughly acclaimed academic Lewis Gordon. You might understand, having a world renowned philosophy instructor encouraged me to turn in work that I was proud of, even when he just asked for one page reflections on our readings.

Still, I thought I owed him my best. I interviewed Gordon for The Temple News several years before, during my very first semester at Temple, and then, as he was throughout semester, he was a kind, genuine and encouraging man. Granted, I had taken his class initially because Gordon was one of conservative pundit David Horowitz’s 100 most dangerous professors in the United States, but during my semester with him, he proved to be nothing but challenging, humble and affable.

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So, if you so choose, read some of my own reviews of great Existential themes of the 19th and 20th centuries, none of which are more than 600 words and all of which were written to make its dense philosophic sourcing easier to be understood. At the very least, you come away with some golden party conversation.

And hell, while you’re at it, return to what I posted on just last week,

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