Philadelphia police fire back

Yesterday Philadelphia police shot and critically wounded a 24-year-old man whom they say pulled a gun on them, the Inquirer reported.
There have been 11 shootings at police in which the cops fired back in the last year. Four of the civilians were killed. It isn’t a recent phenomenon.
In a city that hasn’t overcome the imprisonment of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, and such high profile deaths as Officer Chuck Cassidy in recent memory, none of this can be good.
As previously posted, just two weeks ago, a man, also accused of pulling a gun on cops, was shot on the Allegheny Avenue subway platform of the Broad Street Line, my stop.

One thought on “Philadelphia police fire back”

  1. this story is not true the man shot on the subway did not smoke cigarettes and he was shot six times in the back there is so much more to this story there are a lot of lies going around about this story which will soon come to light of and the officers who shot him their jobs are on the line because this is a huge cover up. Please stop listening to the lies these officers never identified themselves as police officers.

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