Philadelphia Business Journal: Globe-trotting accountants clip

pbj.jpg I have a particularly good clip in yesterday’s edition of the Philadelphia Business Journal on accounting firms sending more and more of their young staffers abroad for international experiences. See a copy of it here, in addition to other examples of my reporting work.

You can also see its beginning on the PBJ Web site, entitled Globe-trotting accountants in demand, though no more, because the site runs on a strict subscription basis. Nevertheless, having 1,000 words with graphics in a regional niche journal was thrilling, taxing and awfully worthwhile. I worked on it for nearly two weeks and completed more than ten interviews, all the while juggling classes, The Temple News, and additional responsibilities for the Business Journal. It feels good to know I can do this.

I am working on a similarly sized piece for next week’s edition now. After that I might need a break from this additional burden, though. Having accumulated some nice clips, I need to focus on my many other varied responsibilities.

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