Shooting at my Philadelphia subway stop


Sadly, yesterday a man was shot by two SEPTA officers at the Allegeny Ave. stop on the Broad Street Line, my stop.allegheny-subway-shooting-feb-21-2008-stretcher.jpgThis comes after reports of increases of SEPTA and city officers riding the subways, often derided as dangerous. I’ve never had a problem myself, but reports of teenage violence, particularly directed at younger riders, have been on the rise.The man was apparently smoking in the stop when the officers approached him. He tried to run and at least four shots were fired.I have video from CBS 3, but I haven’t been able to upload it on YouTube.(Photos by Greg Bezanis, a staff photographer of The Temple News) allegheny-subway-shooting-feb-21-2008-platform.jpg

3 thoughts on “Shooting at my Philadelphia subway stop”

  1. This story is not true the man shot on the subway that day did not smoke cigarettes and he was shot a number of six times from behind, one shot in the head that fractured his skull the other five shot were to the back the man was shot while running for his life the septa police officers never identified themselves as police officers. This whole story is a cover up for the two police officers who shot the 23 year old man.

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