Johnny McCain is front-runner, again

President Bush has called for conservatives to rally behind the eventualmccain1.jpg Republican candidate for President, though he didn’t make explicit mention of his sometimes critic, sometimes friend John McCain.But, of late, McCain has taken on elements of the Bush persona in common primary bull rushing of political extremes.That’s how campaign finance reform, bipartisan, straight-talking bus tour-John McCain can become anti-abortion, hawkish John McCain. Ain’t nothing new.But now that Mitt Romney is out and journalists are already filling newspapers with answers why, McCain is becoming the obvious candidate. He always was the front-runner, though Mike Huckabee managed to get talked about a whole lot, because he had to be, 2008 is an election of big names as Hillary and Barack can attest.There isn’t any question that he was the only candidate that could really attract independents and moderate Democrats in a general election. Primary season is all about giving zealots a chance to rise and teasing political parties to settle on someone unelectable.

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