Study Abroad in Tokyo, Japan Fall 2006

Wednesday, Aug. 23 to Dec. 13, 2006

UPDATE Feb. 12, 2011: All my NBCU JYA writing, video and photo work has been transferred to subdomain

During the fall semester of my junior year in 2006, I studied in Tokyo, Japan, using photographs, video and a blog to chronicle my nearly six months there. I was prompted to take 1,300 photos, capture almost 10 hours of video and write nearly 60,000 words because I was a cast member on the pilot season of an online-only show produced by NBC. Since the show was never picked up or continued and its Web site has since been taken offline, follow my exploits here, below.

Read the first post I wrote for NBC after arriving in Tokyo here, and my final reflections I wrote while in Tokyo, days before I returned to the United States, here. I also wrote a reflection about study abroad experience in Japan.

Watch the strictly NBC episode specific videos here, or watch the ones produced while I was traveling below.

Disorientation – I welcome you to Japan and manage to get lost in the first days of my semester abroad.

Read the first blog post I wrote, just hours after arriving in Tokyo, here.

Mount Fuji – I climb Japan’s tallest peak, a 13,000-foot dormant volcano. This was easily my most popular video.

Donald Richie – I interview the acclaimed American-born author who is considered the authority on Japanese art, culture and film.

Japan Culure – I try to find real traditional Japanese culture in a modern world.

Japanese Food – I explore lots of Japanese food options, some of which I share.

Trips – I visit the fall colors of Nikko, the history of Kyoto and the deer of Narra.

Scavenger Hunt – I tour Tokyo one last time in a hunt for a handful of items my mother thought I wouldn’t be able to find.

Read the last blog post I wrote, just days after I returned to the United States, here.

The above videos are those that regard my adventures in Japan. For additional JYA material, including my audition tape and reflections, go here.

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  1. Christoper Wink you are an amazing human being. I can’t believe that you climbed Mount Fuji without me. I’ve been spending some time in Philadelphia lately and it just occurred to me that I should contact you and perhaps next time I’m there we might meet sometime for coffee, casual conversation…..and such. I hope to hear from you Chris-


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