Failed post for BNet

I have been pretty active developing my blogging skills. No, seriously, there are blogging skills.

So, when I saw that BNet, an online business news site launched in 2007 by CNet Networks, was looking for bloggers, I wanted to give it a go. I’ve been in talks with some folks there, who wanted me to start with some trial posts. Trouble is, I’m in Europe.

I did get one done before I left. However, it seems I missed their focus a bit. I got an e-mail from one of BNet’s editors yesterday, thanking me for posting but telling me the following:

We tend to avoid pieces about stock and commodities prices. Were more interested in the goings on inside Energy companies.

Backpacking in Europe these days keeps me a little busy, so I’ll try to figure this out when I return.

After the jump check what I submitted.

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We Don't Speak the Language: European Exploration

Currently I am abroad, video podcasting at A video podcast and blog about traveling the world for the young and broke. Follow me there, but also continue to enjoy regular posts here at about the plight of a young, aspiring journalist, which will appear below this reminder.

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Graduation speech column for The Temple News that never ran

At my desk in the newsroom of The Temple News after graduating and cleaned out May 21, 2008.

At my desk in the newsroom of The Temple News after graduating and cleaned out May 21, 2008.

In April I wrote a piece to run in the commentary section of The Temple News but never ran it. My last column was an open letter to the university’s President Ann Weaver Hart. Since last week I shared video of my commencement address, on which this column focuses, I thought I would share the column that never was.

By Christopher Wink | April 18, 2008 | The Temple News (never ran)

I am your commencement speaker.

A committee of professors and administrators have decided that I am serviceable enough to represent my 4,000 fellow graduates on Temple University May 22 commencement ceremony. I will speak to you, our families and our friends, more than 8,000 people in the Liacouras Center.

But, I, too, have sat through graduation speeches of little note and boring memory. I want this to be yours as well.

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To Europe: I am gone for at least a month

Today, my good friend Sean Blanda and I are departing for London. I mentioned this trip last month.

He and I are beginning an open-ended European backpacking adventure. We have no return ticket, no definite plans or destinations: just a month long, 10-stop itinerary on the way to Hungary and vague plans of reassesing our funds to get down to Greece and circling all the way back to Spain.

We’ll be blogging and video podcasting the trip together, but more on that next week when the official rollout comes.

Stay posted for that, but don’t worry, will remain fresh and posted – I know you’re concerned.

God bless America and wish us luck. Lots of exciting news to come next week.

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Harrisburg, Pa. the city: Statistics and such

I finished a post-graduate internship in Harrisburg, Pa. at the end of last month.

I learned a great deal working for the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents’ Association, including much far outside the world of journalism and even the capitol: Harrisburg the city.

Like many state capitals – particularly one of states as large as Pennsylvania – Harrisburg might be best described as Washington D.C. lite. It a city with a large business class of professionals – all of whom are there for government and most of whom do not live in the city of 47,000.

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10 books Philadelphians should have to read: The best Philly books

Updated: I have a longer list of books about Philadelphia with a good reputation here.

There is a lot of reading to be done about Philadelphia.

Let me show you the 10 books you have to read if you’re from, living in or going to the Philadelphia region, including a handful of which you should read regardless of geography.

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Squidoo: What the hell is it and why am I on it

I don’t know.

It seems a bit like Associated Content, using lenses to create niche content on specific issues for free, promising traffic, noteriety and even potential advertising cash to users.

For the time being, I am subscribing to the same pathology that brought me to MySpace and other social media. Brand my name. So, Chris Wink has a Squidoo page now.

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