Flat Stanley in Washington D.C. for the Obama inauguration with Christopher Wink

And I thought children hated me.

Debbie Reinhardt’s second-grade class at the Kiel School in Kinnelon, N.J. sent me Flat Stanley, the title character of a children’s book from 1964. The flattened boy from the book gets sent around the world in an envelope.

I’ve been charged with showing our pal Stanley around Philadelphia, but before I get to that, I took him on the road to our nation’s capital earlier this week, where I was for the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. Check some dispatches below.

It’s a reason for students to get excited about geography, to give it a better feel, I suppose. I was happy to oblige, carrying Stanley to all the major tourist stops in Washington D.C. on Monday, the day before the inauguration.

Stanley and I also had our photo taken in front of the Lincoln Memorial and the White House.

Any other schools out there want a tour, virtual or otherwise of Philadelphia or, Hell, anywhere else I am going? Reach out to me here, or below. Anyone else have Flat Stanley experiences?

Thanks Mrs. Reinhardt and her entire class, just wait until your Philadelphia tour, which should come some time next week.