Philadelphia, I need a place to live

My former home in Philadelphia on the 3300-block of North Park Avenue.
My former home in Philadelphia on the 3300-block of North Park Avenue.

I am moving to Philadelphia.

Back to Philadelphia. So, I am looking for a home. Another home.

For two years, I lived on the bottom floor of a row home in the 3300-block of North Park Avenue in the Lower Tioga neighborhood of North Philadelphia.

I walked to the Allegheny stop on the Broad Street line. I had a 15-minute bicycle ride to Center City. I had a big bed, a tall ceiling and a full kitchen. I never paid more than $400, utilities included. I didn’t pay for water.

That’s not happening again. I’m just trying to remind myself I was spoiled and now that I am a big, old, adult what I need in a home has changed somewhat.

I may look to live on my own. I actually like roommates. I’ve had good luck with them, but timing is important here.

I want a living room, a common room to sit with people that isn’t my bedroom and isn’t my kitchen, as it was in the 3300-block.

I still want to be able to walk to a subway line, be connected by bus and be able to bike to Center City. I’d like to live in a neighborhood that other people might want to visit, but still has some character.

Well, while I’m at it, I’d like at least one bar and one restaurant to which I can walk and might actually want to patronize. …I want a tab and be able to order “the regular.”

I want diversity, not just race, but religion and age, particularly. No student pads.

I don’t want to be in the sphere of influence of Temple University, my alma mater, which extends generously, at least north of Girard and west of Front Street by my estimation.

I’m working on the job front and trying to rewarm my freelancing, but now I need a place in which to do it. This young journalist has to have a home. Anyone have any advice, suggestions or ideas?